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Fresh New Style Circular Polarized 3D glasses for Cinema or 3D TV




Product Description:
  • ABS frame, thickness 0.22mm TAC circular polarized lenses 
    Passive Circular polarized 3D Glasses 
    Len: Polarized 3D lens 
    Frame: ABS
    Polarization: Circular 
    Polarized efficiency> =99.9% 
    Transmittance> =40% 
    Lens Thickness: 0.22/0.27/0.4mm 
    Compnesation: 125nm 
    Net weight: 12g 
    Color: Black 
    Zero-flicker 3D TV/ Zero-flicker 3D Displays/ Zero-flicker 3D Notebook/ 
    Circular 3D/4D/5D Theater/Museum 3D Show/Kursaal 3D Show
    1.high quality foldable PC plastic frame circular polarized 3D glasses,RealD cinema 3D glasses
    2.big in size,ABS plastic frame,0.26mm polarized lenses,have process of anti UV380,double face TAC combining and coating
    3. 4D glasses, anti UV,can be used as sunglasses,durable and resist scratch.
    4.usage area: watching 3D movie,3D video,3D television,3D computer games, 3D computer game,science education medical 3D equipment…etc.
    4.It is also popular used in Medicine, Astronomy, Aerospace...fields.
    5.Lens Available: Cyan/Red, Green/Magenta, Blue/Red, Green/Red . Linear Polarized lens, Circular polarized lens
    6.Being printed with customers's company logo,1 color silk printing.
    7.Plastic thicken 3D glasses,foldable and reusable,can make as customers' request in shape,size,color and printing.
    8.high quality suitable for RealD movie system and high end market.
    9.We accept OEM order.Customers could design their own model of paper frame and we produce for you.