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Smart design passvie 3d modulator for barco cinema projector(STL6000LY)

Smart design passvie 3d modulator for barco cinema projector


Smart design passvie 3d modulator for barco cinema projector

Design for 3d digital cinema (Model Name:  STL 6000 LY ) 

Introduction : 
STL6000LY  is our new passive 3d cinema sytem which use a usual cinema 3D projection technology. It uses passive luminous efficacy, mainly by High-speed refresh of  liquid  crystal  to show the left and right image alternately. Polarization light liquid crystal will change the circular polarization light angle of the right and left eye’s image. After wear the circular polarized glasses, both eyes could see difference image. So, we can see different respective image for right and left eyes that to cheat our brains to achieve 3D view. Then we can see the beautiful vivid 3D movies. 
Product Parameters 
- Model: STL6000LY; 
- Applicable Projector: Through DCI certified DLP digital projectors; 
- Material: Aluminum alloy,carve 
- Applicable Screen Size: Large to 20 m; 
- Work: circular polarization modulation; 
- Light valve transmittance: 41% ± 2%; 
- Light utilization: 17% ± 1.5%; 
- Light valve ghosting rate: less than 1%; 
- Response time: far less than 150us; 
- Support frame rate: less than 600Hz; 
- Support interface of projector: DB15/DB37/VESA/BNC/DLP-Link; 
-2D-3D Conversion: automatic sense,no need to control; 
Why choose us? 
1. Fanless Design. 
It's common practice for current usual single polarization device to use fan cooling the LCD screen  , but it will make the surface of liquid crystal covered by dust soon, so that the 3D effect and brightness will slowly decreased, therefore it's imperative to remove the fan for this kinds of 3d polarization modulator. 
2. Pre-Metal technology for LCD which resist high temprature of 40000Lux. 
T he LCD of Our optical liquid crystal lens have used the technology of  Metal film plating processing in advance which can greatly improve the heat resistance of products. That will avoid the occurrence of accelerated aging of LCD glass, ghosting increase, LCD liquefaction, and even burned. 
3. Easy to install. 
▼Install the bracket, just screw a few screws and finish the installation in four minutes. 
▼Built-in high-precision spatial positioning sensor, no need accuracy adjustment level, the 3d modulator automatically adjust 2D and 3D position, so that the product more sense of science and technology.