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High quality Man Woman Passive Polarized 3D Glasses for Cinema




Passive 3D Glasses, No Battery.
100% Brand New and High Quality.
Crystal Clear, Flicker-free.
Ultra-modern Fashion Design.
Higher Quality than RealD & Competitors 3D Glasses
Works Perfectly with All Circular Polarized 3D cinema system.
Compatible with a wide range of passive 3D TVs or 3D Cinemas, these glasses make watching 3D cinema or 3D TV easy, whether it`s sport, a documentary or the latest 3D film.
It brings you the power of spectacular, cinema quality 3D images in the comfort of your own home.
No power source is required, you`ll never have to worry about recharging these great accessories! Just sit back and be entertained.
Ensure simultaneous images can be viewed at once, as it does not halve the frame rate of the content like active glasses do.
Bring your movies to life with these Passive 3D Glasses.
Used when fishing or as the sun glasses, filter effect is very well.