产品名称:STL900KC 3D Glasses
Circular Polarized 3D Glasses for Cinema(kid style)
  • Features:
    100% brand new and high quality.
    3D glasses support Polarized 3D TV and Real D cinema.
    Made of durable plastic, these 3D glasses are set to become your go-to pair when you want to bring your movies to 3-dimensional life.
    Durable plastic frame ensures that your can reuse your glasses time and again.
    This pair of 3D glasses is foldable arms design which is for easy storage .
    Polarized lens design eliminates the red / blue look for a more chic and classy style
    Polarized lenses produce a clearer, higher image quality than the red / blue design.
    You can experience 3D visual effect at home without going to cinema.
    3D Glasses don't need to be charged.
    Free from signal and wave interference.
    Clear and quality lens without any distortion.
    Lightweight and suitable size for more comfort.
    Works Perfectly with All Passive 3D Televisions and RealD 3D Traditional Theaters.
    Attention:This circular polarized 3D glasses in addition to a dedicated in cinema, polarized 3D TV for some models can also be used.
    However, ordinary TV can not be used, carefully before you buy it! ! ! !

    Item Type: Circular Polarized Passive 3D glasses
    Material: ABS (Spectacles frame); Resin(Lens)
    Frame color: Black Or Other
    Gender: male and female(Kids)
    Style: full frame
    Lens thickness: 0.42mm TAC Lens
    Monomer transmittance: >42%
    Polarization degree: >99.8%
    Used for:Passive 3D TV & RealD 3D Cinema System
  • Quantity: 1 Pc(other accessories demo in the picture are not included)