产品名称:Cinema 3D Modulator
parameters2:Passive 3D Modulator for Cinema
parameters3:Single beam passive 3D product
STL5000PB Single Beam 3D Polarization System is the
latest single beam passive 3D product .
After placing 3D polarization window directly in front of a 3D cinema projector lens, it
can generate 3D images on metal screens with wearing passive 3D glasses .
This passive 3D system is perfect for any cinema with DCI-compliant DLP projectors, and permit
a quick installation in any projection room with its optimal support brackets.
STL5000PB 3D Cinema System panel is made of good liquid crystal elements.
This enables high
frame rates from 48 Hz up to 240 Hz, creating crisp and bright 3D images.

1) Main Characteristics

 Better and brighter 3D image
 Support all DLP 3D projector
 Support all DCI server
 Support most passivecircular-polarizing) 3D glasses
 Faster switching speed, time <50 ms
 With polarized glasses, lower costs and easier operation
 Easy to install, easy to maintain and operate
 Flexible application, efficient switching between different theaters
 It is watched in the 180-degree hall.
2) Technical Specification
 Light transmittance: 38±1%
 Light efficiency: 17±1%
 Polarization type: Circular polarization
 Support frame frequency: 48Hz~240Hz
 Working voltage: 90~240V AC
 Working temperature: 5℃--40℃
 Working current: 1.5~3.7A
 Working temperature: 5℃40℃/20%90%RH

 Storage temperature/ Humidity: -20℃